Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Pirates? Are you kidding me?

Can someone please remind me, in which century are we living? Because I feel like we've taken the Way-Back Machine to the "Golden Age of Piracy" and we're now living in the late 1600s. Is it just me, or are we hearing about pirates taking over ships on a daily basis?

I'm wondering if this is going to be a new way of life? Is it because of the economy? Are people going to just start taking over other peoples' stuff? And I'm also wondering if I've stumbled onto something here...and if I should get a jump on it myself! You know, beat out the common folks at pirating. And if so, I need to start making plans, ASAP.

My neighbor has a sweet new Beamer. I may pirate that this weekend. There's a new family around the block, and they've got such a cute dog! He ran into our yard the other day, and the next time he does, he's mine. I'm pirating his furry ass! Oh, and the next time I'm feeling burdened by a trip to the grocery store, I'm just going to pirate someone's (full! paid for!) cart out in the parking lot. Screw the hassle of picking out my own meat and produce!

But I think I'm going to need some new clothes for my pirating gig. Don't you think? I was looking in a catalog the other day, and I mocked these boots. But now, I'm thinking they might be perfect for pirating. Should I get the red or purple ribbon? "Both" you say? OK! And I'll need a pirate bustier, because, according to movies, that's what lady pirates wear. OH! And a puffy shirt, and some jodhpurs. Not the kind equestrians wear, but the special pirate jodhpurs. I want them to tuck into the kick ass pirate boots.

Actually, this is probably the look I'm going for. Cool, huh? ----->

So you've all been warned. Be on the look out! I may come 'round to pirate at your house (or your blog!). Arrrrgh!



The Diva on a Diet said...

Dude, you are so onto something here. Something big. Screw the grocery shopping, I'm prirating the next person I see with a full shopping cart on Broadway. Ahoy, matey!

Oh, and I want the boots too ... sleep with one eye open, Mom. ;)

Savvy-Motherhood said...

I dressed up in a sexy prirate outfit like this once for a halloween costume party. I was HAWT back in the day. :)

Heidi said...

I am not sure I can pull off the outfit, but willing to wear a hoop earing and patch. Does that count? I am so pirating with ya.

Debbie said...

I am loving all the pirate stuff. I just know I'll be seeing more of my man, Orlando, thanks to this. I would even wear that outfit:)

Dana Tate said...

Omgoodness. I have thought the same thing...are common people gonna start pirating. I didn't even know piarate was still a job!!!

Anonymous said...

Even though I'm *# 8 years old I think I can still pull off the pirate outfit. I'm in, Mom!


Stickman said...

Pirates are just the hot topic now, aren't they? This is a nice complement to my
pirate post

Sass said...

You win...

I'll follow you anywhere, now! ;)

Anonymous said...

Stopping by to give some love back. Tell me about it (the pirates). What day and age IS this anyway?

Wanted to email you and tell you that you scared the beejesus out of me the other day when your comment hit my inbox and all it said was "Mom" roflmao! My mom passed away 18 years ago and the first thought that hit my brain was, "OMG they have the internet in heaven now and Mom is writing to chew me out!"


Melanie said...

Arrrr! Right back at ya, pirate lady.

Keep yer scurvy paws off my stuff. I have mad pirate chops myself - I even have a hook. Although, to be honest, I use it to crochet.

Veronica Lee said...

Love all that pirate stuff!
BTW, you are welcome to pirate anything on my blog except for the photos of me and my family !!!

t said... can't pirate my blog or I'll have to come and git ya....and you can't pirate my little daughter who THINKS she is a pirate because she's my little pal....but you can pirate all my laundry and return it to me clean and folded ;)

Miss JC said...

Oh, what a fun blog! Yeah, the pirate stuff has been pretty crazy lately. Thanks for entering my giveaway! :)

Unknown said...

haha, this is great!

the BLAH BLAH BLAHger said...

Your comment made me giggle...thanks for stopping by!

Rachel said...

Ha this is hysterical!! My sister and I were googling about pirates this past weekend cause we just couldn't believe they exist!!! I am going to the mall this weekend to pirate someone walking out of Coach, BCBG and MAC!!

Maureen said...

Arrrr! I shall only be piratin' if Mr Depp is there...

Then I shall pirate HIM.

Chrissijc said...

I think we might have to have a pirate war!! Get the canon balls ready, I'm defending my blog!!

You crack me up!! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Frenzymom said...

(Ok, so I posted as the wrong person, I have more than one blog so pirate it again I dare you, signed chrissij aka FrenzyMom)

The Pirate War is on!! My canon balls and ship are ready to defend Matey!!

~~Mel~~ said...

I love your blog! It had me giggling...a whole lot.

Da Old Man said...

The Pirate look may be the new fashion of the day.

I'm going to stock up on puffy shirts and start breeding parrots.

Mom said...

Arrrrgh! Look at all my pirate friends!

Thanks to everyone who played along! You're a wonderful blogging community.

Anonymous said...

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