Thursday, April 9, 2009

Bella's Braces

Bella has an orthodontist appointment today to get the bottom set of braces. This will complete the full $5,000 set.

~breathes into paper bag~

At the last appointment, as I sat in the waiting room contemplating the expense, I admired the lovely furnishings in the waiting room--the leather chairs, Queen Anne side tables, the artwork. I noticed an expanse of children's toys and a play center for the younger siblings who come to wait. And I was impressed by the variety of magazines. He had not only the typical grocery-store variety, but also scholarly journals, trade periodicals and niche publications. I could have earned college enrichment credits by perusing the mags for an hour in his office. And the most stunning bauble of all the items in the waiting room, was the large flat-screen TV hanging on the wall. The picture was crisp and the definition was high. And I was thinking it would look sweet hanging on my own wall...and I could probably get one for half the price of what I was shoveling at the orthodontist.

Last fall, the orthodontist hosted a skate party for all the kids he's wired up. We were new clients then and there is no doubt in my mind that my husband and I single-handedly paid for that junket. There was cake and soda, every brand of chip under the sun, gifts and giveaways, contests, not to mention the cost of four hours on the ice. A friend asked why my ortho wasn't hosting a wine + cheese for the PARENTS who, after all, were making all this frivolity possible. And...YEAH, where is MY orthodontia party? Where are my lobster tails and shrimp cocktail? My champagne? How about some stuffed mushroom caps or a dessert tray?

I'm feeling gypped and bitter! Does it show? I calculated the overall cost of the braces, and figured that I'd need to snag 50 magazines from the waiting room at each visit in order to break even. That's a lot of work, and I'm not sure if I have time to read that many magazines. Instead, after today's appointment, that friggin' TV is coming with ME!

So...chick flicks and a sleepover at my house on Friday! Who's bringing the shrimp and lobster tails?



Maureen said...


That is SO me. I have a story I shall have to post one day about our Ortho experiences... it's too long to bore, er, tell you here.

BTW, I'll be bringing the shrimp.

K? Thx.

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