Thursday, April 16, 2009

Mom's gone back to school

I started a grad class this week, and I'm feeling a little bitter about it. Not because I don't appreciate higher education, but's cutting into my blogging and social online time.

Right now, as the clock is nearing midnight and I'm slogging my way through my first paper, I'm beginning to feel grouchy and whiny. Those of you who are teachers or parents of school-aged children will probably recognize these particular brands of whine:

I don't get it.

What are we supposed to do?

Is this for a grade?

Do I have to put my name on it?

When is this due?

I can't find my pencil.

Can I turn it in late?

Why do we have to do this?

I need to go to the bathroom.

And that just about sums up how I feel right now! So wish me luck, as I gripe my way through class and long to blog instead.

OK, time to buck up and get back to business...



Cat said...

Hi! Visiting from SITs! I love this post! It doesn't remind me of my kids... it reminds me of my husband! He is a college student and comes up with every excuse not to do his homework! Sometimes I think I have 3 sons instead of 2! Love your blog!

Veriance said...

I think "is this for a grade" is my favorite in classroom question and "I can't find a pencil" is the one I get from kiddo most often. lolz

Maureen said...

Hah! Get back to work and concentrate, young lady!


The Diva on a Diet said...

Feh. No good comes from graduate school. Can't you just turn in your blog post instead of a paper?!

LOL and j/k

Hang in there!

~~Mel~~ said...

I loved your list of excuses/questions lol.

Mom said...

I just got done writing two papers and posting to my online class. It's SERIOUSLY cutting into my blog time. Grrrrr.

Thanks everyone for stopping by! I love reading your comments. I promise to visit more when I'm done with my grad class.

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