Monday, April 6, 2009

Hey there!

I'm the Mom. I work. I have a family. I blog.

I've been on the internet practically since All Gore invented it. I started surfing the web when my oldest was born, so we're talking 1995. I was originally interested in baby and parenting sites. But those got old after awhile.

Within a few years I'd met a number of friends and we still post on a private bulletin board, daily. I've taken up blogging because I have so much to say. And I'll say it to nearly anyone who will listen. So, dear readers, you're next!



Maureen said...

Oh poo... I gots to the end too soon.

Come on, I'm waiting for more! ;)

Luvs ya writing and added ya to me blogroll thingy so I don't miss a post.

Unknown said...

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