Monday, April 20, 2009

Mom = 1, Pediatrician = 0

Last week, Baby broke out into a rash on her hands and feet, which spread to her arms, legs and face. I took her to the pediatrician on Tuesday, and she was diagnosed with Coxsackie virus (AKA hand, foot and mouth disease).

We've had that in the family, and as the rash progressed this didn't seem like other cases I'd seen. Baby's face was terribly red and troublesome. So I decided it needed to research it further online. In my family we have a saying WRT my Googling prowess, "If mom can't find it, you don't need to know it." And this instance turned out to be no different. I determined it was Fifth Disease over the weekend. (Another rashy childhood disease.)

Well, guess what note came home from preschool today? That a number of children have been diagnosed with Fifth Disease. :-/ So, let it be known that I have mad research and diagnosing skillz.

I'm not a doctor, but I could play one on the internet. So tell me, what seems to be the trouble? LOL



B. Diederich said...

Ha! Just come across your blog and was snickering at the fact that you "often exaggerate. Not the kind where I make up stories, but the kind where I like to over emphasize"!
That's whats so fun about blogging--the wilder the adjectives, the more interesting to read!
Sigh. But my kids are old enough to exaggerate back--like telling their friends I beat them with a 2by4 once when they were little, when in fact, they got a swat with a tiny trim board!
And...anyway...losing train of thought....
Ah yes--the Internet can be the best doctor in the world....

Mom said...

I exaggerate, therefore, I am! Nice to see I'm in good company, B.

I'll be stopping by your blog, as well. Thanks for the visit!

Mother Mayhem said...

Kudos, Mom! :o)

~~Mel~~ said...

I have a similar story...except 3 different doctor's ignored me for 18 months about my boy's eyes...they crossed from the day he was born...they continued to tell me he'd grow out of it until finally one day his pedi looked at me and said "why haven't we discussed Riley's eyes before, they seem to cross quite a bit"...umm retard...I brought it up at every single doctor's appt. from the day he was born and you all ignored me...even the optometrist thought it was of no eye surgery and glasses...and now my boy can see...thank goodness I persisted though the doctor obviously never took note of any of my concerns.

Wow that was a vent and a half! Thanks...and I hope 'baby' feels better really soon!

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