Friday, April 10, 2009

Friday + my favorite stuff

This is some of my favorite stuff, just so you know. It's a feature I want to try for Fridays. Let's see if I have the attention span to keep it up.

Easter colored M&Ms. These are a family tradition. Well, all M&Ms actually. We have them at nearly all family functions. I even had M&Ms at my wedding reception. But this time of year, we're all about the pastels.

Picnik. This is my favorite online source for altering photos and creating graphics. It's easy, fun and free!

Xtranormal. As you can see, I have a gift for video production. Another easy, fun and free website. You'll be able to kill hours of your life on Xtranormal.

Fritos Scoops. These are my dip chip of choice. We'll be having some this weekend with family, as we snarf my kick ass pizza dip.

. This is a wicked cool visual dictionary/thesaurus. It creates a web of words, phrases and related concepts for writing and research, right before your very eyes. Check it out!

So what is it that you can't get enough of lately?!


1 comment:

Maureen said...

Okay, that Visuwords is very cool... I'll have to check out those other links. Thanks for posting them!

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