Monday, July 13, 2009

A new baby!

This is our new baby. Isn't she lovely?

Photo props to Keith. Thank you, again!

Well, we did it. We bought a boat. We took it out for the maiden voyage yesterday, and it was awesome! We met up with friends for our first multi-boat tie-up out in the bay. It was a blast. The kids swam, we made new friends, and just enjoyed the weather. It was hard having to call it a day. And MacDaddy docked it like a champ! Looks like we won't need to pay for any damage to other boats...yet. LOL

We're having a hard time deciding what to name her though. Someone got it in our heads that it's bad luck to rename a boat. :-/ So we're not sure what to do. Take our chances and figure out how to appease Poseidon? Or just throw caution to the sea and go for it?

Here are some of the names we're considering, see what you think...

  • Pi$$ing it Away
  • Bad Parents
  • Cheers
  • Sandy Cheeks
  • Boat Dorks
  • Just Add Water
  • Newbies - Stay Back
  • 5 O'clock Somewhere
  • If This Boat's a-Rockin'...
  • Who the Hell Needs College Anyway?

My personal favorite is "Keith's Fault." We secretly blame our friend Keith for giving us the boat joneses that fated Sunday afternoon on the river.

So what do you think? Do you have any great boat name ideas? It's an awful lot of pressure!



Debbie said...

At this particular phase of my life, I'd vote for the college one:)

Anonymous said...


The Diva on a Diet said...

She's beautiful! Congratulations!!!

I'm partial to 5 O'clock Somewhere ... which should come as no surprise. LOL

Is it really bad luck to rename? I've never heard that. Why? :/

Mom said...

Debbie, I hear ya! Those tuition payments have got to be killers.

Anonymous, nice try! I could be persuaded to go with Shadoobie tho. :-)

Diva, yeah, 5 O'Clock Somewhere would be a nice choice! And apparently some people do feel it's bad luck to rename a boat. I'm not necessarily sold on that superstition tho.

Trooper Thorn said...

If a boat is just a hole in the water you throw money into, you could class it up by calling the her "Trou Dans L'eau."

Anonymous said...

Here is the Proper procedure for renaming a boat.

My favorite name is: Just Add Water.


~~Mel~~ said...

My vote goes to "it's 5:00 somewhere" even though for me the saying usually goes "well it's 12:00 (noon) somewhere"! lol.

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