Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Weenie is under the weather

Shit. Weenie is sick. The vet thinks she has a respiratory infection. Poor sweet baby. :-(

On the way home from the vet appointment last night I decided to myself that this is IT. I'm done with pets whenever it's Weenie's time. I can't handle illness. It makes me a nervous wreck! Children can tell you what's wrong and where it hurts, pets can't. They just wither. We love our pets like nobody's business and then they just break our hearts! Weenie isn't in grave danger, but we've had some pretty horrible pet deaths and I just can't deal.

Please cross your fingers that I won't have to! And of course keep 'em crossed for Weenie's sake. She's such a good dog!



Heather Cherry said...

Aw, poor weenie! I hope she gets better soon. :(

Maureen said...

So sorry to read this... hope she is on the road to recovery!

~~Mel~~ said...

I love having pets...but totally agree that illness and death are so hard to deal with...the vet bills, not really knowing how sick they really all just sucks!

I hope everything is okay with Weenie.

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