Friday, July 17, 2009

5 for Friday...boating boo-boos

It's Friday, so that means it's time for a list. I really dig making lists, so here's my "5 for Friday"...grievous injuries sustained on the boat in the first week of ownership.

5. Broken nails. I have three. I'm a tacky, uneven mess right now!

4. Cuts. I have an irritating cut in the web of my fore and middle fingers on my left hand. Plus a good one on the top of my head, see "near concussion" below.

3. Mosquito bites. I'm covered in them. I'm sure I'll begin to exhibit signs of malaria any minute now.

2. Bruises. I have half a dozen bruises on my knees and shins from bumping into things. It takes some time to get used to the spacial aspects of the boat. Plus, I have a whopper on the inside of my upper arm from walking down into the cabin.
See ----->
(Note to self: Don't hang on to outside handrail as you try descend the stairs, dumbass.)

1. Near concussion. I cracked my head coming up from the cabin on the first night we did the big clean-up. I thought I would pass out as I actually saw stars. When I touched my head, there was blood. ~queasy~ It seems I slammed my noggin into the locking mechanism on the main cabin hatch. Hopefully, I'll soon master the fine art of ascending and descending the cabin stairs.

Jesus, could I *be* a bigger damn klutz?! I'm positive the second week of boat ownership will be better, injury-wise. Wish me luck!



Yellow Beads said...

okay, OUCH!

Debbie said...

Bless your heart - you're just a mess! I hope you heal up soon:)

~~Mel~~ said...

Wow! That is one heck of a nasty bruise...and I imagine the cut on your head is quite painful too...I hope you heal up fast!

Mother Mayhem said...

Sell the boat. ;o)

Anonymous said...

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