Saturday, May 30, 2009

I can't even think about it

I read this morning on that John Travolta is having a difficult time dealing with his son Jett's death. Travolta is unable to do the promotional circuit to promote his new movie, due out in June.


What I want to talk about today isn't about celebrities, because despite my recent posts about such, I'm not a celeb follower. I want to talk about the loss of a child.

I honestly can't imagine how parents get out of bed each day after losing a child. HOW do you go on? HOW do you pick up the pieces? HOW do you reconcile having your child in "a better place" when you think the better place would be right with you? My stomach aches at the mere *thought* of a child's death. And my heart goes out to all the parents who have ever had to deal with such an unfathomable tragedy.

Death. Wow...I had a hard time even typing that word. A child's death is one of those areas where I refuse to let my mind wander. I can't even consider the "what ifs" in regard to my own children. It feels like a jinx somehow to even think "what if." So I can't. I won't.

What about you?



~~Mel~~ said...

It's so sad to think about a child's death...I can't even think about how life without my little guy would I really feel for parents who have been there!

Debbie said...

I can't and don't want to think about it. Isn't it every parent's biggest nightmare? Poor John.

Anonymous said...

When children die before the parent it's outside the perimeter of the natural expected order of life. Unless my child was suffering a terminal and painful disease, I cannot imagine anything more horrible than having my child die before I do.


Tami (Pixeltrash) said...

Me either. Can't even go there.

My 6-year-old son had a dream that he died and I didn't even care. I was devestated that he could even dream that. I told him that if he died, part of me would die too. He cried, I cried. It wasn't a good conversation.

Then another night he had a dream that I died. I hate those dreams.

Mom said...

Oh Tami...ugh! What heartbreaking dreams! I can see how you'd cry at the thought of him imagining you did care. :-(

Anonymous said...

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