Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Cool! Slim Jims are on sale!

That's one of those bizarre statements I never dreamed I'd utter. But I did, the other day in the grocery store. My family LOVES those little sticks of of salt and God-knows-what. And they were on sale, 2 for $5. Or whatever. So I bought 'em.

Does your family have any weird vices?



Mammatalk said...

Slim Jims? I had forgotten about those. As for vices? Ice cream!!

Mother Mayhem said...

Vienna Sausage. Did I just say that?

Melissa B. said...

My youngest has a Cheetos/Cheezits fetish. I don't understand the hankering for fake cheese, but there you have it. SITS sent me by, and I'm glad they did!

Take Another Little Piece of My Heart Now, Baby

The Diva on a Diet said...

My family had a Slim Jim jones when I was growing up too. Do you remember the pizza flavored ones? Brrr. I'm not sure I could choke that down now. LOL

But man, we used to love that "snap" when you bit into them!

Anonymous said...

I've never had a slim jim. Looks like I need to remedy this situation. As for cravings, my latest is Gummy Bears. There is only one brand I like and I must have those.


Mom said...

Mammatalk, I'd take ice cream over Slim Jims for sure!

MM, yeah that was out loud! Secret's out.

Melissa, I could be down with the Cheese Its also.

Diva, pizza flavored? ~gag~ No, I don't remember those. And yeah that snap...LOL

Cindy, I'm all for gummy bears also. The ones from Germany...Haribo!

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